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Learn about what’s important and what you should expect from a CPQ. CPQs are not created equal and as such your team should be looking for value. This White Paper highlights some of today’s modern CPQ value adds you should expect from any Service provider.

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SalesRun is the WORLD’S first dedicated Sales Activity Suite (SAS).

With SalesRun’s SAS you’ll have a comprehensive workspace where sales staff and support personnel can initiate and complete all necessary jobs. SalesRun is a new workstation approach aimed at leading your Sales Team to SALES SUCCESS!
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Business Solution

SalesRun will Optimize your entire sales process for all company sizes and any industry

SalesRun is designed to operate in virtually any industry. This SAS is customizable and scalable to suit any company needs. Each module is specifically designed to provide an essential sales solution. Our SAS fits between your CRM and ERP for a seamless integration. By providing your sales reps with the innovative tools they need, they can better compete in the marketplace and increase your sales and revenue stream.


High Tech

Financial Services


Public Sector



Media & Entertainment

Features to change the way you succeed
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SalesRun streamlines the product and service selection process, guiding your team with meticulous accuracy, allowing add-on items, and many additional benefits. All Quotes are digitally rendered and delivered through SalesRun’s exclusive online, mobile friendly content delivery and management utility. This application component allows users to stay current with today’s digital business climate.

Product Design

Product Design

The SalesRun platform is designed with ‘Black Box’ Plug-N-Play product configurators. This approach allows your team to work directly with the SalesRun tech team and create stand-alone product or service configurators specific to your business. Your sales team will become empowered with step-by-step input selection criteria that results in the creation of: complex part numbers vital to Quote, Proposal, and Sales Order success. With such Product configurators, simply answering a few questions means your team will operate leaner and generate more profits. SalesRun’s innovative architectural design simplifies the sales process to ensure your team gets it right the first time.

Virtual Engagement

Virtual Engagement

SalesRun’s Proposal segment enriches the sales experience by offering an easier, more innovative approach to compiling rich, virtually engaging sales Proposals. SalesRun’s solution allows your team to configure, control, publish, and deliver virtually engaging content originating from any format, including documents, videos, images, worksheets and many more. Additionally, the Proposal module ensures your team will always have access to the most current information through an easy single load dissemination. With SalesRun, Proposal generation has never required less effort.

What Our Clients Say

Integration Overview

SalesRun is at the center of the sales universe. It is an intelligently designed Sales Activity Suite (SAS) that easily integrates with today's CRM and/or ERP to run large scale enterprise sales operations
  • Synchronize CRM data
  • Read / Write to CRM data
  • CRD data in each Sales BE
  • Minimize data discrepancies
  • Coincide CRM & ERP workflows
  • Drive ERP Order database
  • Standardize critical datasets
  • Maximize process efficiency

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