Why an SAS?

SalesRun streamlines the product and service selection process, guiding your team with meticulous accuracy, allowing add-on items, and many additional benefits. All Quotes are digitally rendered and delivered through SalesRun’s exclusive online, mobile friendly content delivery and management utility. This application component allows users to stay current with today’s digital business climate.

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Our History

SalesRun’s history begins more than a decade ago as a garden-variety 'QuoteBuilder' service. Our team launched a quoting tool to fulfill what we knew was a much-needed service among sales professionals. We understood that creating custom Quotes could be a harrowing task. Salespeople are constantly running up against the clock to locate accurate product pricing and descriptions so they can provide customers with precise Quotes. However, we quickly realized that a Quote containing Items and pricing was not effective enough. We needed to add more actual value.

As a result, we decided to expand our QuoteBuilder service and develop a segment that merges marketing materials with the basic Quote file. We accomplished this by developing a centralized library that could be filled with sales and marketing collateral of any format. Now salespeople can easily and quickly disseminate current sales materials to the end user and drive engagement into the sales process, paving the way to an expedited and effective closing process. Hence, the Proposal module was born.

As the internet grew, we observed our clients moving away from traditional document delivery (i.e. E-mail attachments) and recognized the need for online content viewing. The benefits to us were obvious: more streamlined, more efficient, and less awkward. Indirectly, as the acceptance and adaptation of E-Sign grew more popular and eventually became essential for sales success, we listened to our customers and integrated E-Sign into all of our end user customer facing operations. Now SalesRun makes the process of Quote >> Proposal >> Close more efficient than ever before with integrated E-Sign Acceptance.

Next, the CRM integration. Once we merged sales activities with CRM data, it was clear that converting a Quote or Proposal to a Sales Order was critical to enhance efficiency. We created the Sales Order module and in turn continued adding workflow value by making the ERP connection, allowing our modules to drive billing, finance, and product fulfillment operations.

After that innovative step, SalesRun felt adding a Contract module was a necessity. Essentially, we studied the Contracts/Agreements process across a number of market verticals, and worked to streamline each aspect of this process electronically. This includes controlled “Electronic Redlining” which is our current endeavor. With SalesRun, any company can be structured to allow all, or a part, of its sales staff to fluently manage the Contract process. Our Contract management system is centered around a library-based strategy, with metadata points added for Contract registry reconciliation.

Finally, actually, there is no finally. We recognize the current CPQ market requires constant investment, refining and expansion driven by our innovators. Each new SalesRun module fulfills an essential need that will transform today's salesperson into a professional. The modules are reliable and used by clients every day in their daily sales activities. Today, SalesRun has processed billions in Quotes and hundreds of millions in production Sales Orders for its clients. Simply put, SalesRun is the horse that runs the sales business. Salesrun was made by salespeople for salespeople. When you work with SalesRun, you can count on our team to focus on, and come to a deep understanding of your business, providing your team with genuine value you won't find elsewhere. SalesRun has always been from its creation a platform to aid sales teams. We remain committed to that mission.

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